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Let’s Create Together

Kentucky has inspired me to paint again after thirty plus years. I see beauty in all the vintage, old, farmhouses, and barns. The scenery that wraps around the main subject matter, is explosive. You will see me, stopped on the side of the road, with camera in hand, taking pictures of everything around me.

This painting is #1 of a series I am working on, it is called, “Iuka Barn”, and is painted with acrylic on canvas. I have taken dozens of pictures of this barn located in Iuka Kentucky. This barn is right down the street from where I live in Grand Rivers, KY. Every time I pass this barn, I see it in a new light, I have the need to stop again, take pictures for a future painting. I will never run out of subject matter, in Kentucky.

I hope everyone that visits my collection will long for the vintage days, where everything was simple, no cell phones, or any electronics for that matter. I want people to be taken back in time, and dream about how it would be to live in the country, like many of our past relatives lived before us. My Country Love collection, portrays this past life.

In my Blog, I want to inspire others to unleash their creative side. I know, you are telling yourself, I am not creative at all? Yes you are! Everyone has creativity in them, maybe its the way you dress, your fashion? Maybe its the way you decorate your house? Maybe it’s your car? There is creativity in all aspects of life. I want to help you tap into yours, start a hobby, or maybe even create that masterpiece you have always been wanting to do.

Little Sumin’ Sumin”

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