Kentucky has inspired me to paint again after thirty plus years. I see beauty in all vintage, old farmhouses, and barns. The scenery that wraps around the main subject matter, is explosive. You can see me stopped on the side of the road, with a camera in my hand, taking pictures of everything around me. This painting is #2 of a series I am working on, it’s called, “Iuka Countryside”, and is painted with acrylic on canvas. I have taken dozens of pictures of the Kentucky landscape, it never seizes to amaze me, and I get inspiration just driving down the street, there is beauty everywhere in Kentucky.
My passion for the arts came from my Mother. My mom started introducing me to art at a very young age. We did not grow up with much money, but that was alright, I would have never known it, somehow, she kept me all the supplies I needed to create art. My aunt owned a ceramic shop and my grandmother created oil paintings. I learned many techniques from them both. I took many art classes at SanBernardino Community College, I wanted to be an Art Teacher. But life happened, kids grew up, I moved from Southern California to Kentucky, and started painting again after many years.

  Wood and paint are my favorite materials to work with. I enjoy cutting the wood and creating art. I use mostly reclaimed wood. My husband and I own a fence company, Lake City Fence. When my husband tears out old fence, I cut it up and use the wood as my canvas. This gives me unlimited material to work with, from pallets to fence pickets, I always have an abundant supply of wood to work with.
I have made a full circle after careers and kids, and three Masters Degrees, I am now able to enjoy my art again and my God given talent. I want to share my talent with everyone who wants to unleash their creative side. We can create together.

Check out my Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/littlesuminsumin/

My Etsy Store, https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleSuminSumin

My Daughter’s Blog, must see for a daily “Pick Me Up”, https://alittle-sunshine.com/


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